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Jun 26, 2023

PSA: Hospital to be built in Bet Shemesh

There was a big announcement today from the City of Bet Shemesh:

A New Hospital for Beit Shemesh! The Jerusalem District Committee has decided to promote a plan for the establishment of a hospital in the city.
The plan includes approximately 770 beds to accommodate the population of approximately 360,000 residents of Beit Shemesh and the surrounding area.
In addition to the hospital itself, the plan includes departments for hospitalization, emergency services, medical services, clinics, medical equipment, laboratories, buildings for laboratories and medical research, medical staff training, a hotel, helicopter landing pads, and more.
The Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee, headed by Shira Talmi-Babay, has decided today (Monday, June 26, 2023) to initiate a plan for the establishment of a public hospital in Beit Shemesh.
The plan, submitted by the Beit Shemesh Municipality under the leadership of Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch encompasses a total area of 180 dunams and is located in the Rama D and Neve Shamir areas.
As part of the plan, five seven-story buildings will be constructed to accommodate the hospital itself, hospitalization departments, emergency services, medical services, conference and lecture halls, clinics, medical equipment, laboratories, buildings for laboratories and medical research, medical staff training, a hotel, and more. Overall, the plan includes construction rights totaling approximately 194,000 square meters, as well as approximately 7,200 square meters of commercial space.
Mayor of Beit Shemesh, Dr. Aliza Bloch: "Upon taking office, I made the decision that as a city, we seek to take responsibility for the health of our residents. We initiated discussions with the Ministry of Health during the tenure of Minister Litzman and the current Director-General, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, as well as with the Hadassah leadership, to establish a hospital in the city. The hospital will serve the entire population of the city, given its exceptional rate of development. The establishment of a hospital branch will allow all residents of the city to access healthcare services without leaving the city. We did it for special education, we did it for culture, and now we're doing it for health. I would like to thank the Ministry of Housing and Health, the District Committee, and the Deputy Mayor of Beit Shemesh, Rabbi Shimon Goldberg. The announcement is a significant step towards one of the historical events in the history of Beit Shemesh. I have no doubt that we all envision the placement of the mezuzah and the inauguration of the hospital."
Chair of the Jerusalem District Committee, Shira Talmi-Babay: "In addition to the establishment of another public hospital in Israel, which is of significant importance to the city and the region's residents, the establishment of the hospital will accelerate the economic development of the city and strengthen Beit Shemesh's status and size to accommodate a population of 360,000 residents."

from what I understand, the government has decided to plan 9 new hospitals around the country, one of which will be located in Bet Shemesh.

770 beds? Is Chabad connected to this somehow?

I have not heard a timeline for this. It is obviously still just in the early stages, but that's ok - gotta start somewhere. This is good news and hopefully it will eventually happen and open its doors to the public, improving our abilities to get access to good health care.

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