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Jun 21, 2023

he won but he lost

The Likud backed candidate lost the elections, and lost badly, for the spot of the Israel Bar chairman, and in the council race as well.

This is a race I did not pay attention to or care about. I do not know the significance of the Israel Bar (other than their rep gets a slot on the judicial selection committee, which now gives, supposedly, the Opposition a de facto second candidate), and I do not know the personalities involved, and dont really have any interest in this.

However, I do find it funny that now that the coalition backed candidate lost the Likud wants to dismantle the Israel Bar and by law make it defunct or insignificant at best (though possibly only starting form the next Israel Bar chairman election).

They lost, they cant control it any longer, so dismantle it. The other guy won but in the long run he will have lost if this goes through.

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