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Jun 29, 2023

Passport Marathon closes a successful month

With the "Passport Marathon" operation coming to a close today, Minister of Interior Moshe Arbel summarized the successful operation. According to the numbers over the past month since the op began, 425,000 citizens were serviced for passports - extensions, renewals, new passports, etc. Of the 425,000 people serviced, 210,000 were serviced at the four main centers (Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva) and the Bnei Braq location.

Definitely a successful operation to help ease the passport burden of many people. Hopefully we will see that it frees up appointments in the various Ministry of Interior offices for people who also need other services.

Some of these young Shas politicians are looking really good, including this Moshe Arbel. This wasn't anything fancy or complicated, but he put it together and came through. Arbel probably has a long and promising career in politics ahead of him...

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