Mar 1, 2007

blew out his knee (video)

I apologize in advance for this post. I know some of you will not like it....

WARNING: This is a video of a basketball player blowing out his knee... it is very graphic and painful to watch. It has nothing to do with Israel, Jews (unless he is Jewish, which I doubt) or anything else I usually write about, but I couldn't not put it up...

Maybe I should start a separate blog for the shtus miscellaneous stuff...


  1. why posting this?
    my god.
    are you a sadist or what?
    shame on you.

  2. no longer available, anyway. But I also have to wonder why there is entertainment value to people hurting themselves. I'm not saying it's anything bad about you specifically, just getting philosophical because in general other people's misfortunes are considered humorous in today's society.

  3. I would not consider it humorous... However I felt drawn to the video. I felt his pain when his knee blew out. I have also watched all the beheading videos from the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe there is something wrong in my head!


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