Mar 22, 2007

JOTD (joke of the day)

The latest joke making the rounds (no I am not the author) is pretty funny. It is a play on words in Hebrew. I will post it in Hebrew and then translate (though in English it is not funny)..

איך מכניסים חמישה ח"כים לניידת? 2 מקדימה ועוד שלושה מקדימה

How do you get 5 MK's into a police van? 2 in the front and another 3 in the front (the front is a translation for "kadima" which is the name of a political party who has yet another mk about to be on words is 2 from kadima and another 3 from kadima.. as I said - not funny in english)


  1. hello
    vous pouvez inscrire votre blog sur jewisheritage
    a bientot

  2. prof - it looks like a nice site, but I do not speak french. sorry.. but I put it in my blogroll for others who do speak french


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