Mar 5, 2007

Purim images (with video)

of the many Hamans hanging around town

my son, the popcorn machine, distributing popcorn to kids in the street

This went by as we were driving around the neighborhood. Is that Haman leading Mordechai around?
The various yeshivas descend on RBS for Purim day

...and descend they did...
this guy was not run over by the car. the car is parked.
the various tzeddaka orgs in RBS were working at full capacity
this is the one I delivered Matanos l'evyonim for

And I even got to meet a fellow blogger - Rock of Galilee - Rock stopped by and surprised me with a shalach manos. It turns out I am not difficult to find. Don't tell the FBI or the IRS.
and here is a bonus - enjoy...


  1. Cute video I guess that's you with the short sleeve white shirt?

  2. That kid is a great dancer! Is he yours?

  3. those remain the questions, don't they... :-) no answers provided.. nowhere does it say the kid is mine or that I am in the video. Maybe I was taking the video or maybe it was just a video I found of a cool 5 year old dancer...

  4. Hmmm ok be like that but I think I was right :)

  5. i love homemade costume's like your son's

  6. you should have seen my daughters - she had two costumes. one for a school play before Purim. There she made herself into a pillar in Persia that doubled as a "luah modaot" (notice board).

    Then for Purim itself she made herself into a Number 2 pencil.

  7. hah! of love the luah! which notices were on it? perhaps pro- and anti-slifkin pahkvilin?


  8. no, nothing about slifkin. If I remember correctly, it was stuff about lost pens, Zeresh looking for a babysitter, apartment available, with large tree in the backyard...


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