Mar 7, 2007

my latest prediction

I see Olmert gaining some popularity in the near future. I see him having played this whole "spat" with the State Comptroller, Micha Lendenstrauss.

This whole thing has blown completely out of proportion. According to Lindenstrauss, Olmert has ignored his opportunity to respond to the report the Comptroller has been preparing on the failures of the government and the IDF in the past Lebanon War.

Lindenstrauss was ready to file the draft of the report. Olmert blew up as if he is being persecuted. I might add the only reason he is being persectued with investigations is because there is so much to investigate, as he has done so much wrong (at least allegedly).

Anyway, Olmert is now generating an image of being the victim of a witch hunt of sorts, who is not being allowed to do his work because of insignificant and self-interested parties. Olmert is a master at political spin.

I predict we will start to see his favorable percentage points begin to slightly rise, as he plays on the persecution for a while. Ultimately it will not help, but in the short term it will give him some more political stability.

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