Mar 29, 2007

how much would you pay for a pizza?

How desperate can a person be for a piece of pizza?

It seems some people can be very desperate...

Some pizza shop in NY is auctioning off on eBay the rights to buy the first pie of pizza after Pesah. The bidding right now is sitting at $147!!! Can you imagine that? Somebody had to survive a week without pizza and it was so painful that he would be willing to pay $147 to be the first one to get a pie. He can't even wait one more hour and save $130.. He is willing to pay $147 to be the first..

People take Pesah out of proportion..

(HT: Jameel )


  1. Rafi: At least the money is going to tzedakka...

  2. that's a benefit, but I doubt the guy bidding on it is worried about where the money will go and is only bidding because of the tzedaka. he just wants his pizza.

    I never understood the mad rush right after pesah to stand in line for a Dunkin Donut (in the US) or by Angels for a loaf of bread, or the pizza shop.
    Are you so desperate that you are willing to waste an hour in line? You can't just wait until tomorrow to taste that hametz? Is it such a big deal?

  3. Its so ridiculous. I just wait till later to get my chometz fix.

  4. i really really would like to think, that everyone realizes the shtick ivolved and they are doing it for tzedaka

  5. $731 was the final price not 750


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