Mar 30, 2007

buying as if food is going out of style..

I was in the supermarket last night. I had to get one or two things that my wife needed desperately..

There were people there standing in line with (no exaggeration) up to three carts full of food to purchase. And in the express lane no less! They must have thought the sign that said "express line, 8 items or less" really meant "8 carts or less"!

Why do people buy so much food? Pesah is only a week long. 7 days. That's it. If you hold two days yom tov it is 8 days.

Yet people buy food as if they are storing up for a long winter of hibernation, or stockpiling before a war.

I understand they need a little bit more than what they would usually buy for a week. On yom tov people eat more than during the week. Also, people have guests over. But so much more?

I wonder how much of what they bought is not used on pesah but only used after Pesah.. There is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that they have paid higher prices for Pesah food to be used only after Pesah. It is extremely wasteful.

I probably should have written this a week ago before you all did your Pesah shopping, but I only thought about writing it now. It is ok for me, because I have not yet done our Pesah shopping. I hope to go tomorrow.

Don't forget - Pesah is only a week long. Don't overdo it. Buy what you need, but try not to exaggerate so much.

Hag Kosher V'Sameah..


  1. True, very true.

    You're doing your shopping tomorrow?! Crazy man, Rafi. Hatzlacha.

  2. I don't know, there are still a lot of days before Pesach. We've been averaging four cans of tuna a day (ran out of peanut butter and can't find any more).

  3. like everything else, people overdo things.

    A lady in front of me in the grocery refused to unload her cart onto the checkout lin. the cashier offered to wipe it down with cleaner and she said no. Every item had to be handed to the cashier and scanned, and put directly into the bas. She claimed it was because the counter has chometz on it. I said, what about the cart? what about the people who picked up the box before you? what about the fact that its wrapped and sealed and you could just wipe it off? what about all the people in line behind you now having to wait extra time for your nareshkeit?

    she said - sorry, it's halacha - no chametz in MY house!

    ARRRGGGHHH!!! Ignorant frummies!!!!!

  4. that sounds like a nominee for hunra of the month award!!!

  5. Pesach keeps the economy afloat until Sukkot.



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