Mar 14, 2007

did you say tahanun today?

Have you ever wondered why the minyan you are skipped tahanun on any given day?

Was a groom in the room? maybe there will be a bris in the shul or for one of the attendees? Is it someone's yahrtzeit? Any other reason?

Are you happy when the minyan skips tahanun? It seems most people like skipping tahanun, even though timewise it only takes about 2 minutes, if that long, not including Monday and Thursday mornings where it takes a few more minutes.

I sometimes am relieved when I see that shliah tzibbur skipping tahanun. Sometimes I feel bad because it is really a nice tefilla. Sometimes I wonder why and wonder if it is justified or not.

Maybe shuls that skip tahanun regularly should put up a sign announcing the reason, assuming there is a reason. If there is no reason, then they are just cutting out parts of the siddur. So I am assuming that there is a reason for them to skip it.

I would love to be able to look at a sign and see what famous historical figure had a yahrtzeit on any given day or that someone is having a bris and know that we are skipping tahanun because of him.


  1. I generally skip tachanun. While some people don't say tachanun on days people die, I don't say tachanun on days that I haven't died.
    I have found it is a great time to finish the daf.

  2. lol. That's as good a reason to skip it as any I have ever heard before!

  3. Last week of Adar:

    Some shuls follow the opinion that you shouldn't recite Tachanun during the "Yimai Ha'Meeloo'eem" (last week before Rosh Chodesh Neesan) because on these seven days the Kohaneem practiced building the Mishkon before it was finally built on Rosh Chodesh Neesan.

    Without stating whether I follow this practice or not, I will only add that I personally try not to find extra excuses to skip Tachanun because, in Our days, Klal Yisro'ail needs every prayer which is said for them/us and our Chachommeem have taught us that Tachanun is one of the most essential prayers for a salvation for the Tzeeboor - especially the paragraph of "Rachum Vi'Chanoon" - which we say in the singular in order to show that we regard all of our Jewish brethren as being one-with-us.

    So, for those of you who do recite Tachanun during the "Meeloo'eem" - this week is your last chance to recite these essential prayers for all of us - including 2 final Vi'Hoo Rachum's - before Chodesh Neesan - and May HaShem Please hearken to our prayers by blessing Our People with the ultimate Yishoo'a before this Chag HaPesach.

  4. It used to be that people would not say Tachanun because the day was "happy".

    Now people get happy because they aren't saying tachanun.

  5. Why should you feel relieved by the chance to say LESS prayers for your fellow Jews ?

  6. anon - there is a minyan I daven in frequently for minha near work and they almost never say tahanun. it depends on the hazzan, but almost never. Maybe the miluim is this weeks excuse, but in general they do not say it...

    yaakov - that is a good way of putting it

    anon - not saying tahanun does not mean they are not davening for their fellow jews. They may daven plenty for others, but not in tahanun.


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