Mar 18, 2007

me me me - check it out

Check out my brother's progress as a volunteer (maha"l) in the Israeli army.

He recently started this new blog to post his updates. They are funny and sometimes crude and give an interesting outlook and insight into the going ons in the army...


  1. The pictures of your brother and his female "comrades in arms" is exactly why the Charedi world does not send their sons to teh armt.

  2. my brother is not religious.

  3. love the new blog

  4. Upon reflection, I want to respond to bluke.

    Bluke you are way way way off base. There are many charedi who do the army and maintain their religious version of their morality. The army makes as many concessions as need be to allow charedi to function as members of society. The charedi however have the opportunity to get out of the army and most choose to take that way out. Not because they can't maintain their version of morality but for a variety of other reasons, like fear.

  5. hope you don't mind some fun at your expense

    -ari kinsberg


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