Mar 20, 2007

give credit where credit is due

Kadima MK Otniel Shneller gets my support today.

The left wind parties are generally hell bent on delegitimizing the "settler" community. They do everything possible to accept the Palestinian opinion and reject the settlers opinions in any conflict/scuffle. It never matters if there is proof for the claims of the settlers or not, the left wing always takes the opportunity to blame the settlers for conflagarations in our relationship with the Arabs.

Some "settlers" from Hebron took over a building from the Arabs. They say they bought it fair and square.

The left wing parties are up in arms as to how this can go on and they must be evicted and they are ruining the prospects for peace, blah blah blah.

Today MK Shneller from Kadima, who is known to be close with PM Olmert, went down to see up close what is going on down there. Instead of releasing a statement condemning the provocative acts of the settlers and that they must be evicted, he took the unusual step of supporting them.

He is assuming the sale was legal and valid, as claimed by the settlers of Hebron. Based on that assumption he supports the move into the building.

The left wing believes that only in Israel can land be sold to Palestinians. We have seen many court cases petitioned up to the Supreme Court about a Jewish moshav that refused to sell lland to an Arab. The left wing parties (Labor and Meretz among others) always support petitions to the Supreme Court to force Jews to sell their land to Arabs.

Yet when Arabs sell their land to Jews, either the left wing assume they are lying (despite documentation) or they say it is illegal, or they say it does not matter because it harms prospects for peace.

Kol hakavod to MK Shneller for going against the popular stance and coming out in support of the settlers.

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