Mar 4, 2007

lunar eclipse

While I generally do not like to attribute much meaning to natural events, as they occur regardless of timing and regardless of any meaning, I would like to point this out.

Last night/this morning there was a full lunar eclipse. I find it timely and appropriate to consider this message. Purim is a time where we commemorate the miracle of salvation from an evil decree. The miracle took place in a completely "natural" style, with Hashem's hand in the matter hidden from general view. One needs to look deeper into the megilla and into the events to discern Hashem's part in the events.

The lunar eclipse was timely. On Purim itself we saw the moon disappear. One had to look harded in order to see it. And then the moon came re-appeared.

Just like the moon became hidden by a course of natural events, so too did Hashem's presence in Shushan, and so too often in our daily lives. We have to look beyond the surface of events. We have to look beyond the "natural" events. And the time will come when, just like the moon re-appeared, so too will the clarity of seeing Hashem's presence in our lives.

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