Mar 12, 2007

important reminder

Over the course of the past year (even less, really. I am rounding up) a lot has happened.

Among all that happened, a number of Israeli soldiers were abducted and captured and might even still be alive.

A lot has happened since the Second Lebanon War. Time has passed and many of us have moved on. We follow the news and comment on it, but overall we are busy with our own lives. We have our jobs, our families, other responsibilities, our hobbies, and whatever else we have that keep us busy.

Because we have our daily lives at the forefront of our minds we (at least I do) tend to push other people's problems to the back of our heads and only occassionally think about them, if that much.

I just want to remind you that Ehud (Udi) Goldwasser, Eldad Regev and Gilad Shalit are still in captivity from just prior to the Lebanon War II last summer. Thet are in addition to Ron Arad, Zachary Baumel, Yehuda Katz, and Tzvi Feldman who disappeared in Lebanon a much longer time ago. Guy Hever disappeared a number of years ago in the Golan Heights near the Syrian border.

Just take a moment and think of them. Think of their families who are without them. Say a prayer for a moment for them

That's it. Thanks. Now you can go back to your lives.

Come back and look at this post every few days/weeks/months until they are returned to us.


  1. I try to say the mi'sheberach or the 1st three by every time we lain. But, why is there no mishebarach or the others? why not a more generic one that prays or all captive jews?

  2. there is a misheberach for all of them, there's is a shorter/easier to say one on the ou and ncsy website. they also designed book marks to keep in your siddur with the misheberach and their pictures.

    there is also a much longer one put out by the rabbanut i think, but i dont know where to get that one

  3. I could only find online a mi sheberach with the older names, not the newer ones. You probably should contact a local chapter of bnei akiva or OU or something like that who can give you a formal printed tefilla for your shul.
    At work we were saying the mi sheberach for a bit and printed out the old one and added in pen the newer names.

  4. actually a very quick check came up with this pdf file...

  5. and for other misheberachs that might be relevant


    -ari kinsberg

  7. Every time I think about what the soldiers and their families are going through it breaks my heart...

  8. I thought his name was gilad shalit.

  9. oops. my bad. thanks dan. in my semi-drunken state I used his fathers name instead of his. Noam is his father. I have corrected it


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