Mar 29, 2007

Kollek's legacy revisited

About three months ago, Teddy Kollek, the former Mayor of Jerusalem, died. I then wrote words of praise for Kollek, as he was responsible for building up Jerusalem to the beautiful city it is today.

Many of my more right wing friends were upset at me then because he had a history of being anti-religious.

Today, Ynet is reporting that British intelligence has opened many files from the 1940's. These documents have revealed that Kollek worked as an informer to the British authorities against fellow Jews. He was informing on rival groups and their activities, namely the Irgun and Stern Gang.

So, despite the zchus he has for having built up Jerusalem, it turns out he was a "moser". He gave over other Jews to the non-Jewish authorities because he did not agree with their methods. Jewish history is filled with scum like this, and now it seems he is one of them.


  1. We already knew that. I've been boycotting ynet because of their lack of professionalism.

  2. not surpised. anyone from the jewish agency or hagganah should be suspected of this.

    i like to think of kollek as a modern day herod

  3. There's this on Kollek:

    And tangentally this:


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