Mar 21, 2007

The latest scandal

Finance Minister (Kadima) Avraham Hirschson has been under investigation for embezzlement, theft, fraud and more to the tune of between 5 million dollars to 15 million dollars. This allegedly took place when he was the chairman of Nili, a non-profit organization associated with the Labor Union.

The investigation was just ramped up and Hirschson was questioned today under caution for seven hours. While by law he does not need to resign until the point that he is indicted, Kadima officials are saying that there is no way he will be able to continue at his post as Finance Minister under such heavy suspicion. He will be pushed out shortly.

I predict that unless Olmert decides to go with an outsider, as he did with the appointment of Friedman as Justice Minister, he will appoint Meir Sheetrit as Finance Minister. Sheetrit, while he is a jerk and I do not like him, is the only guy there who has experience in running the Finance Ministry. He was joint, or rather sub, Finance Minister working closely with Bibi Netanyahu in the Sharon government. Sheetrit is also a political rival of Olmert's and this might be the candy that Olmert can use to keep Sheetrit quiet.

Another standard day for the Kadima party...


  1. Don't fool yourself on Shitrit...

    Shitrit thinks it is wrong that Olim don't pay 200+% tax on cars like regular Israelis.
    When he was made Deputy Idiot of Finance he told the JP, that it is wrong that Olim get special perks like lower taxes.

    Instead of saying it is wrong that Israelis don't have lower taxes like Olim - he said the exact opposite.

    He is a stupid, bad person, with no ideology, and if it was up to him, we'd all be paying more in taxes.

    His expeience is for Shitrit.

  2. as I wrote, "while he is a jerk and I don't like him". I agree with you that he is no good. The thing is Olmert has to reign him in and I think he will do so by offering him the FM position (if he does not go with an outsider)...


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