Mar 7, 2007

new website with a useful idea

Tired of receiving all those email requests to say tehillim for someone who might have died 5 years ago because nobody ever follows up on these emails? Or maybe the person got better? Or maybe someone is sick but you do not want to receive 10-15 emails a day asking you to say tehillim for various people?

Well, this new website probably will not help that. As long as email is free, people will still send those tehillim requests to you, along with the request to forward the email from AOL and Microsoft to earn $1000 or the virus warning.

However, this website is still a great idea. Using CholimList you can keep track of cholim, create and use public and private lists of cholim,break down tehillim into sections for dividing tehillim up among various people, email reminders, and more!!

Check it out and register to use it...

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