Mar 21, 2007

ridiculous design

I just saw someone selling some silver plate items for the holidays coming up. There was a very interesting item in the pile that made no sense.

It was a cake cutter. It was very nicely designed. The handle was designed beautifully with banners saying (in Hebrew), "Remember the sabbath day to make holy" and "Guard the Sabbath day to keep holy". I would guess the designer felt that most people eat cake on shabbos. Or at least would use a fancy cake cutter for shabbos.

The funny thing about it was the handle. He made the handle in a way that you pull out of the handle a lighter. Very kitchy. I am not sure what the lighter is for. Maybe to light the shabbos candles with.

So, you will use a cake cutter on shabbos that is muktze because it has a lighter built into it! What a ridiculous design! The artist who designed it must have been ignorant of Jewish tradition.


  1. Maybe it's a test. Like when you see a $20 bill lying on the sidwalk on your way to shul Shabbos morning...

  2. Yeah, I've seen that a lot. It's sad how these people are marketing Judaica without first knowing what it's all about. Then again, you see similarly ridiculous items manufactured in the far east and sold in a zillion little shops in my neighborhood... can't think of an example offhand, sorry, but sometimes they're really amusing.

    Neil-- I'm sure there's a solution to your $20 dilemma in "Shinuyim for All Occasions -- the complete digest of rabbinical dispensations"
    I'm sure it's due to be published soon :-P

  3. you are right - that is the source of the problem.

  4. good for travel, i think... is there a kiddush cup folded into the blade?

  5. It's the "Neturei Karta Multi Purpose Cake Knife" that serves as a cake cutter, but also for blowing up cars that drive may drive by on shabbos while youre eating dessert.


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