Mar 21, 2007

a matter of priorities

The Labor Union called for a general strike today. That pretty much means the country services have been shut down. The reason is because the problem from a few months ago regarding unpaid municipal workers has still not been resolved, despite government promises many times to resolve it.

They rescheduled the strike a few times already and after the government not coming through on their promises another time, the Histadrut finally decided not to give them any more chances but to show they are serious. So we have a major strike shutting down the country right now. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly and things can get back to the normal level of inefficiency!

The strike was originally called to begin at 6am this morning. They compromised to push it off until 9am to allow a few extra hours for last minute negotiations. Until 9am nothing was shut down and no services were delayed. Everything (evertything that opens before 9am that is) worked normally until 9am. At 9am whatever was working in the public sector then shut down.

Everything, that is, except for one thing. The trains. Of all the striking authorities, everyone provided their services to the public until 9am except for the trains. People who went for earlier trains found the doors to the stations locked and signs saying they are on strike.

The Labor Union has announced that even if the strike continues, they will allow flights from England to land. The reason is the upcoming soccer (football for you non-Americans) match between Israel and England. They are expecting a lot of English fans to fly in and have decided that they should open the airport to these English hooligans.

At the same time, they are still undecided as to whether they will allow flights for 900 students returning from Poland (March of the Living) to land. That is aside from all the people travelling for personal reasons and business reasons who are stranded. The English soccer fans are more important. Soccer is a national emergency.

It is all a matter of priorities.


  1. i think you've written about the ineffiency about the israeli railroad. now i understand the reference by subliminal in his song about israel's problems:

    ולמדינה שוב יהיה קצת כבוד, או חוקה או משפט, רכבת שתעבד

    to write an update to your hooters post, see

  2. a bit yes. what is so unusual about it is that generally the train is great and pretty efficient. they are usually on time. When they say they are opening a new station, they almost always do so on the target date without delays. so the inefficiency displayed on these occassions is a bit surprising...

  3. if 9am hit during a route the train would stop in the middle of the tracks? I wouldn't have been surprised...

  4. on the train website they said any train running at the time of the strike will finish its route. they solved the problem by shutting the trains down 4 hours before the strike started....


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