Dec 20, 2007

best discussion of the kosher cheeseburger

There were two main topics of conversation in the Jewish world today. I chose not to blog about either of them.

One was the arrest in LA of the Spinka Rebbe and a few others for a money laundering scheme.

The second was the new kosher cheeseburger (the cheese is made of soy) being served in a New York restaurant. A lot of blogs discussed this issue. The best conversation I found on a blog took place by A Simple Jew.


  1. Thanks for the link and your comment, Rafi :)

  2. Yes, thank you! I am normally very observant, (mainstream orthodox), but I am CRAZY about cheeseburgers! I will usually have one a month...(Is this the blog for True Confessions??)
    Thanks again, Yehudi

  3. Now if only someone could invent Kosher lobster and Kosher bacon, I might really have a shot at becoming more observant.....;-)


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