Dec 30, 2007

protection from the bitter cold

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I remember the bitter cold winter days from my days back in Chicago. I remember whenever there was a cold spell, a serious cold spell, they would report on the news the number of deaths related to the cold.

I, as a kid, never really understood why or how people would die from the cold. It is not like they were drowned in a Tsunami, or whipped away in a Tornado. It was just cold. Turn on the heat. Put on a few extra sweaters. Drink a cup of tea. There must be something a person can do to prevent death from cold. There were also the cases of frostbite - people losing fingers to frostbite or being hospitalized for hypothermia - these were more understandable.

Then I finally understood one day. The people dieing from the cold weather were generally a combination of a couple of different types of people. There were the homeless people who have nowhere to go to stay warm, they have no extra sweater to put on, they have no heat to turn up. They just sit out there in the cold bundling up as well as they can. When they are exposed for too long, they just freeze to death.

Then there were the older people. Many of them live in older apartments that are not heated. They live on measly pensions or welfare and cannot afford extra heat. They are not able to protect themselves properly. They are more fragile due to their age and health. Eventually the cold gets to them. is a charity that has put as its mission the goal of helping the needy in Israel get through the winter safely. Many people who live below the poverty line do not have the means to heat their homes and provide warmth and protection for themselves and their family during the cold winter. Warm the Needy last winter helped 1500 families get through the winter safely by providing heating and other assistance.

Warmtheneedy is a charity that is about to see its busy season, as the winter is beginning to bear down. It can use your assistance in order to assist all those who cannot assist themselves in providing a warm home against the strong winds and bitter cold of the winter.

Warm the Needy
is a registered charity in the US and your donations are tax deductible. See for more details, can consider helping to warm the needy.

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