Dec 18, 2007

how do you choose to whom to give tzedaka?

About 9 months ago I posted a post about giving tzedaka to different organizations. Someone recently found that post and has commented on it with some very serious comments and allegations... You might be interested in checking it out...keep your eyes on the comments section


  1. maybe slightly off point, I just wanted to mention that in my daughter's class in school (she is 4) the teacher wanted the idea od tzedaka to be more concrete and less of an abstract concept...just sticking a penny into a box. There fore she set up 3 cans and labeled them "food", "clothes" and "toys". this way every morning the children get to choose which box they want to out their pennies into and a few times during the year they count up the boxes and give the money to organizations so the kids know where their pennies are going...not just into the box, but to children who need the above-mentioned items.

    I just thought I'd mention it because i thought it was so innovative.

  2. that is a great idea. in my daughters school, they give a few shekels a month to something specific. your teachers idea is even better in offering them a choice.....
    good for her

  3. I find the Kupat Ha'ir etc.. etc.. advertising campeign to be a turn off.. quit flooding my mail box with colored brochures which must cost 10 cents a pop and are thrown out.

    But I think that yes someone sponsers these campeigns.. I as a internet user will donate online.. its conviant for me.. not I only do mitzvot that are coviant g-d forbid.


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