Dec 17, 2007

maybe he should run a contest

MK Michael Melchior has a great idea. He dislikes the term "Maternity Vacation". In English the term is really "Maternity Leave", but in Hebrew it is "Chufshat Leidah" which literally means "Maternity Vacation (or break)".

Melchior feels that the term "Chufshat" - Vacation - is deceiving. He says it gives people, including co-workers, the feeling that the new mother is taking a vacation tanning on some beach somewhere. the reality is really different, as the mother is trying to acclimate to a new child with a nursing and sleeping schedule. It is not a vacation, but a time that is demanding, both physically and mentally.

The only problem is that Melchior has not yet thought of an alternative name for the legally mandated "Chufshat leidah".

I think he should run a contest. Maybe the prize should be an extra 2 weeks of "chufshat leidah" for the mother who comes up with the best name.


  1. Maybe "chufshat leida" can be reserved for when a man takes off after a baby is born.

  2. are you suggesting that when a man takes off for chufshat leidah, he should be spending that time tanning on a beach? :-)

  3. Here's where you can send it suggestions. I don't know that there's a prize:


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