Dec 31, 2007

Borat and Abbie Hoffman

Abbie Hoffman was one of the Chicago 7. In 1968 at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, some anti-Vietnam protests turned violent as the Chicago 7 led the protests and turned them into riots. At their trial for incitement they were up to all sorts of antics, especially Hoffman, including suggesting the judge try LSD. They were all convicted, but the decisions were later overturned on appeal.

Abbie Hoffman was best known for his leftist, anti-war, rebellious activism. He seems to have been the most colorful of the group. Read those wiki links. They are pretty enlightening and entertaining.

Anyways, according to Boing Boing, Steven Spielberg is making a movie about the Chicago Seven. Sacha Baron Cohen - you heard me, has been chosen to play the character of Abbie Hoffman. I guess they needed someone colorful enough. If there is anybody who can copy Hoffman's antics and replay them, the guy who played Ali G and Borat is the one!

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