Dec 6, 2007

the reason for collecting guns

Everyone in the West Bank is in a huff today about the IDF having received orders to collect all the guns from the residents.

They suspect, with good reason, that the government might be leading up to another disengagement.

I say "with good reason" because before the diengagement from the Gaza Strip, the government collected the weapons of the residents of the area to ensure they would not be able to fight against the soldiers and police executing the disengagement.

If now they are beginning collections of weapons from the residents of the West Bank, it is reasonable to assume that it might be leading up to a disengagement, or at least some other upcoming surprise Olmert has in store for Israel.

I have a different explanation for the collection of weapons.

Olmert just recently promised the Palestinian Authority that we would arm them to the teeth. Weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles, etc. Those weapons have to come from somewhere. Olmert is taking the weapons from the settlers in the West Bank and giving them to the Palestinians.

See, no big secret sinister plans going on. Just a simple fulfillment of international obligations and agreements.

Or maybe not...maybe there is some sinister plan going on..


  1. I wana run to miami ahhh this country is in the dumps!

    And then things look so bleak they all "remember bibi" like the good 'ol days.

  2. Actually -- I don't think it's sinister.

    My gun was "collected" and renewed back to me within about 30 seconds.

    The IDF is reissuing/licensing M16s in a new way, because the old way was criminal in it's neglegence (and lack of order).

    While I agree that Olmert and co. are sinister and evil and want to give weapons to the enemy, I dont think the IDF's plan is bad news (and I think everyone will get their gun back)'s just poor timing.

    We'll see...

  3. B"H Probably all of the above. What happened to Jameel may suggest some kind of scrutiny of the weapon registration records they are supposed to already have.

    Curiouser and curiouser....


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