Dec 9, 2007

Hamas is smoking marijuana, and inhaled!

The news is reporting that Hamas officials confiscated hundreds of kilo of marijuana, hash and marijuana plants and is holding a public burning ceremony..

I am waiting to see a news report on what this looked like, but I suspect it will look something like this old video of a news report of a public burning of marijuana....

If Clinton would have been there, he would not have inhaled, Obama would have and Bush just would not tell us whether or not he did, as it is part of his private life and should be kept that way.


  1. You need to tour the cassabah on shabbat! we get so high off the arabs smoking hash, weed and opmium.. I checked with the army commander that if the arabs stopped drugs they'd maybe stop fighting like women..

  2. Hamas has always appeared to be smoking its own stuff......


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