Dec 2, 2007

The High Priest will now have a Tzitz! (video)

The Temple Institute has just announced the completion of the manufacture of the tzitz for the High Priest to wear in the Beis Hamikdash, when it will be rebuilt (speedily in our days). They already had a version of the Tzitz, but they have now redone it to be more complete and fit all the opinions, including an account from Josephus.


  1. as cracked out as it seems, their emunah shleima is inspiring

  2. 1)Since when is Josephus such a reliable source? wasn't he a traitor?

    2)Isn't the name of G_d on the tzitz supposed to be the 72 letter name and not just the YKVK name?

  3. special ed - good way of putting it...

    daf neighbor - Is Josephus not a reliable source? I think he usually is considered reasonably reliable, even though he was a traitor. And if he was rejected by the chachamim as a source because of his fealty to the Romans, they would have banned his books. Instead they specifically say we are allowed to read them on tisha b'av when no learning can be done. If they considered him a traitor and beyond the pale, they would have banned his books completely, I think.
    Also, the announcement said it takes into account other halachic opinions, along with that of Josephus, so it seems they are not relying solely on Josephus' opinion, but there are halchic opinions that are in line with Josephus' historical account.

    #2. I do not remember that. I do know that in all the pics from Machon Hamikdash, it uses the YKVK name


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