Dec 20, 2007

Now Labor wants to kick us out of Israel proper as well

Lod. A city with a mixed community. Mixed meaning Arabs and Jews.

Lod happens to have a large Arab population. Recently the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod (not to be confused with the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Jerusalem) has been in the new a number of times. Ramat Eshkol (of Lod) is a neighborhood populated by a majority of Arabs and a minority of Jews. The Arabs in Ramat Eshkol have perpetrated a number of attacks on the Jews there. When going to shul the Arabs throw stones at them. They have probably become emboldened by the recent riots in Pekiin in which the Druze community showed the police a thing or two and in the process they chased out just about all the Jews from the town.

Anyways, there has always been the occasional strife between the Jews and the Arabs, but overall Lod is generally quiet in that regard. Recently it has heated up.

One would think that in properly functioning government, be it municipality, be it national government, the authorities (police, government decisions, etc.) would crack down on the recent uptrend of violence and put a stop to it. They would say we will not tolerate that here. Arrest the violent perpetrators. Dole out some harsh punishments and quickly put an end to it before things get out of hand.

What does our government do? Well, Yoram Marciano, a Member of Knesset from the Labor Party and a resident of Lod, has petitioned the government to take action. What action you ask?

Instead of him demanding that they quell the violence before it turns to riots, he chose capitulation.

Did you think "disengagement" was only for "Occupied Territories"? Did you think the government was only going to remove Jews from Gaza and the Shomron?

Marciano's solution to the problem in Lod was to petition the government, get this - are you sitting down? - to permanently transfer all the Jews out of the neighborhood and make it into an Arab neighborhood.

When the left does not really believe in our right to be here anyway, so why not just move Jews out of every neighborhood, city, settlement, etc. in which the Arabs make trouble. It is much easier to do that than to enforce the law on the Arabs.

If it is no longer just the Occupied Territories but Israel proper, what more remains. At what point will the left stop turnign over parts of Israel? Two years ago it was Gaza. Last year it was Homesh. This year it is Lod. Next year it will be Jerusalem. Then it will be Tel Aviv. Where exactly do we have a right to be according to them?


  1. I try right through that neighborhood pretty often. It is a shortcut i take sometimes to avoid traffic on Kvish 1, and I have a jew friend who just moved in there.
    You think i should keep driving through, or not for fear of my life?
    From a ;eftists perspective, i hear what he is saying: "lost of arabs, little jews, take out the bigger problem."
    Clearly, he didn't think it through, that if they give in, arabs will start doing this in every city around. Think Chevron... and Gush Etzion...

  2. ironic.

    communities in the north are criticized for restricting membership to jews (and are the subject of court action), but here it is ok to remove jews to make an all arab community.


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