Dec 9, 2007

getting married? time to go back to school

If you are getting married, you might want to consider signing up for this course.... It seems that the management of "Prime Gan Oranim" conducted a study of weddings held in their hall over the course of three months. The results of the study show that 15% of grooms were unsuccessful in their first attempt at breaking the glass under the huppa. Further study shows that another 8% of grooms were unsuccessful in the second attempt as well.

The management of Prime Gan Oranim saw the opportunity and have created a course for grooms. The course is to teach grooms how to break the glass under the huppa on the first try.

The course is being led by Rav Pinchas Althoiz. 10 grooms were in the first course. They learned the meaning of the breaking of the cup, along with the optimal stepping methods for efficient breakage. The purpose is to teach them to break it on the first try, so as to avoid snickers, embarrassment, laughter, and even pressure etc...

Rav Althoiz claims the best way to break the glass is to raise the foot to a height of 30 cm., stepping on the glass with the center of the shoe, and looking straight ahead and not at the glass.

It is hard to believe this is true, but I guess nowadays you can find a course for pretty much anything...Next we will see a book "Breaking the Glass for Dummies"..

Hat Tip: Zvi

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty certain than on my brother's video you can see the glass shooting backwards from underneath his foot.


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