Dec 2, 2007

Rav Kahane at Brandeis University, 6 days before his murder (video)

R. Kahane speaking in the Student Union at Brandeis University Oct 31st , 1990 six days before his murder. The Rabbi was officially invited by a student group. Although the University claims that it values freedom of expression, they tried to prevent him from speaking by charging outrageous security fees, and high rental fees for a small hall. The rabbi compared this to the poll tax where they tried to prevent blacks from voting in the south. In any event, he decided to walk on campus without the approval of the administration. There about 1000 students who came to hear him.


I want to thank Chaim S. for providing me with all these videos of Rav Kahane and asking me to upload them for him. I am not/wasn't a talmid or follower of Rav Kahane's but he was a man worth learning from and he was a man who spoke the truth as he saw it, not just what was convenient... even if others disagreed with him.


  1. Hi Rafi. The first I ever heard of Rv. Kahane was when I joined the JDL innocently hoping I could be a spy LOLOL

    I think I was too innocent.

  2. What a terrible thing that Brandeis University is doing to our Jewish youth. Bringing up a generation of guilt ridden and self hating Jews. What a disgrace!

  3. Brandeis,and the Hillel Rabbi shares in spilling the blood of Rabbi Kahane.

  4. If he was murdered 6 days later, then perhaps the high security fees were justified?

    What I find most surprising about the video is how modestly the female students were dressed compared to those today!

    Also, how R' Kahane repeatedly quotes positions he correctly assumes the crowd will see as absurd (i.e. "law of return is racist"), which nowadays are mainstream.


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