Dec 5, 2007

contact from beyond

A man in Boro Park recently spent a lot of money to have a mehudar Torah Scroll written. He paid for a party and the mantle and the scroll, he spent a lot of money, all for the Torah to be in memory of his departed father.

He wanted the Torah to actually be used, and not just sit in the shul's aron kodesh because they already had a Torah from someone else that they use regularly, so he came to an agreement with them that the original Torah would be used on Mondays and Thursdays and his new Torah would be read from on shabbos.

The donor about two months ago was visited in a dream on a Wednesday night by his departed father. his father said to him, in the dream, that he only enjoys the new Torah when it is open. The son did not know what that meant.

The dream ended up being recurring, nearly every night. He went to the community Rav asking what it meant. Maybe the father wanted the Torah read from more frequently, or maybe some other explanation.

In an attempt to figure it out, they took the Torah to another shul to read from it on Mondays and Thursdays as well. After that the departed father appeared to the Rav and said that he only enjoys the Torah when it is being read from.

The Rav then understood that the father is disturbed when the Torah is in its place closed. He contacted the son (the donor) and they reviewed the whole process of the acquisition of the torah. They investigated the source of the parchment, the handiwork of the wooden polls, and even the stitching of the handmade mantle.

The Rav realized, when hearing how the mantle was made, that inadvertently shaatnez had been mixed into the mantle. The mantle was repaired and the shaatnez was removed. The Torah was returned to its place in the original shul and read from on shabbos, as per the original agreement.

The dreams stopped.


  1. I don't know why bubbie mayses like that bother me so much.

    I suppose because there are enough real stories to go around, teach lessons, and inspire...

  2. I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove... there is absolutely no prohibition to cover a sefer Torah with Sha'atnez.

    The Wolf

  3. don't know. maybe when you hold the Torah the mantle rests on your arm, so shaatnez would apply in that case? just like not having shaatnez ni a couch, or carpet or potholders....
    or maybe it is only a kabbalistic thing


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