Dec 14, 2007

Is Gilad Shalit in danger?

(cross posted at Free Gilad Shalit blog)

With all this talk of a possible offensive entry by the army into Gaza due to the recent wave of Qassam rocket attacks, I consider the fate of Gilad Shalit.

All indications point to the fact that he is still alive. Going into Gaza now on an offensive will likely create a situation in which Hamas will execute, God forbid, Shalit.

Remember Nachshon Wachsman? The soldier kidnapped by Palestinians. He was held in a rigged building and while Israeli forces broke in to try to free him, the terrorists killed him in full view.

Is that what we want to happen now? Could we not have released Shalit earlier, before it came to necessity of an armed offensive in Gaza? Does the army not think that this will be Shalit's fate?

The price demanded for Shalit was very high. I was against trading so many terrorist for Shalit, and the government was as well. It is horrible to have a soldier in captivity, but when one pays too high a price for his freedom, it encourages more kidnappings.

But since then, we have released about a thousand terrorists anyway. Just as a sign of goodwill. To strengthen Abu Mazen. For free. With nothing in return.

If we were going to release a thousand terrorists, couldn't we have done it to obtain Shalit's release? Especially knowing that there would be a good chance we would need to go into Gaza on the offensive at some point?

Let's hope this scenario does not play out and Shalit comes home safely, but it is very worrying..


  1. "All indications point to the fact that he is still alive."


    "I consider the fate of Gilad Shalit."

    i'm glad someone is still doing so.

  2. what a catch 22. i have no words...

  3. I hate to spoil everything, but the simple fact is that we cannot be held back because of Shalit- not halachically.

    We need to fight the terrorists as if he doesn't exist, and I say this as a former combat soldier and a combat reservist.

    Others cannot die so that he lives a little longer. In fact, as I posted elsewhere, what we should be doing is:

    1. Choose target area- say Beit Hanun.

    2. Give civilians 3 hours to leave.
    3. Commence bombardment.

    4. Use artillery.

    5. Send in commandos to secure strategic points.

    6. Send in ground forces; tanks and infantry.

    7. Repeat as neccessary until ALL terrorists surrender unconditionally or are all dead,and do not stop until that point.

    8. Do NOT allow these usurpers sovereignty here in OUR land.

    Only this will prevent future Gilad Shalits.

    Shabbat shalom.

  4. Yishai - I agree that an operation should not be stopped out of consideration of Shalit. if it is deemed necessary it should be done (I think it is necessary, but what do I know).

    I am simply lamenting the fact that they asked for 1000 terrorists in exchange for Shalit. We said no because the price was too high (it was), but since then we have released about 1000 for nothing in exchange.

    If we were going to release them anyway, why not get Shalit back in the process...

  5. Heartbreaking. And I couldn't agree more about the "goodwill gestures"...I don't even have words at the moment.


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