Nov 8, 2018

City of Tel Aviv awards prize to flag in tuches artist

The City of Tel Aviv is giving an award for exceptional artistic creativity to some artist who stuck the Israeli flag in his tuches. The prize this artist will receive from this award is 9000nis.
source: Maariv

Now, I can be fine with a decision that defacing the flag is not illegal but is a protected freedom of expression. No problem. But the State should fund such a thing? The state should award such a display and consider it great artistic ability and creativity? That's ridiculous. Let this guy go fund his own work.

I wonder if the judges would have declared him a winner had he defaced the flag of Tel Aviv rather than that of the State of Israel.

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  1. Good news for Regev, she will spin it in her favor

  2. Now who can deny that this is the most insane era since creation (and when it's supposed to be the most advanced thus far)?

  3. Whiskey tango?

    Is this art?

    And if you thought we in America got up in arms over burning the flag, can you imagine someone sticking the American flag in his/her tuchis?


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