Nov 29, 2018

mashgichot kashrut coming to your nearest IDF army base

According to reports, the IDF will now be drafting female soldiers into the Rabbinic division of the army to serve as kashrut supervisors in IDF kitchens. The decision was actually made in 2004, but change is slow, as is bureaucracy, and between that and the opposition of the IDF Rabbinate, it has not been implemented until now. Despite their opposition, they have now been ordered to proceed with drafting women for this purpose.

The drafted female recruits will be trained in the relevant tasks as kashrut supervisors and will then be attached to various units and divisions to keep things kosher.

The IDF spokesperson has responded to queries saying that the IDF is committed to integrating women with equality and according to the needs of the system.

We all know women can be mashgichot, even if it is not common, so this is not a big deal.

The article does not say if they are drafting religious women for this task or if the role will be open to all recruits regardless of religious affiliation. Drafting not religious young women into this role could be a problem, as they would have to have halachic trustworthiness to be effective, and someone who himself (or herself) does not keep kosher would not have that level of trustworthiness for kashrut issues. If, however, they are going to be drafting specifically religious women into this role, that should be fine.

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  1. It is certainly discriminating to exclude non observant soldiers from this.
    Trustworthiness is a halachic issue. This is a democratic decision.

    1. There's no point in drafting anyone, male or female, who will not be effective. Even though it's the Army, this is a religious matter, and should be done right or not at all.

    2. Right, it would be like drafting anyone as a military doctor, whether or not they are qualified.

  2. So after all these years of saying that women should stay in the kitchen....


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