Nov 27, 2006

Jewish geography

Ever wonder who started Jewish Geography? How it began?

I think I found the first instance of Jewish Geography. In Parshat Va'Yetzei (this weeks portion of Torah reading) we find Yaakov running away from his home to avoid Esau's wrath, and to find for himself a wife. Yaakov finds his way to a well outside of Haran and sees a bunch of sheperds. In 29:3 he asks them where they are from. They respond that they come from Haran. Yaakov says, "Hey! I have an uncle in Haran!! You guys knows Lavan my uncle??!!" They said yes.

There you have it. The first documented case of Jewish Geography that started a great tradition to be kept in all Jewish gatherings for all future generations.

1 comment:

  1. So then everything in life can be traced back to the Torah!

    I like that tradition :)


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