Nov 26, 2006

being honored

The shul I learn daf yomi in has decided to honor my daf yomi shiur in their upcoming annual dinner. My shiur has been meeting every day for the past 7 years in this shul and we are almost going to finish shas together. This shiur is one of the longest lasting shiurim in all of Ramat Bet Shemesh, and very possibly the longest. In addition, most daf yomi shiurim consist of 2-3 regular members while we have the largest daf yomi shiur weighing in at 10 regulars (and up to 18 people if all the sort of regulars show up on the same night).

If any shiur deserves to be honored, it is this one and its members who come every single night after work, and even more so the wives who send their husbands to learn or at least let their husbands go learn and forgo that time at night that could be spent doing things together, or otherwise.

The thing I find funny about it is why do I deserve to be honored just because I learn one hour a day. I should be learning much more than that and while the commitment of coming every day and learning for an hour or so is something to be proud of, I am not so sure it is something to be honored for.

Hopefully it will be an impetus for other people to commit more time to learning and have a positive effect on people.


  1. its nice to hear about things like this.
    and kol hakavod-for honoring the torah.

  2. yasherkoach to you and hopefully it will be mechazek many more people. It is not the 'one hour a day' but the commitment involved. Do you say the shiur?

  3. thank you both.
    No, Avromi, I do not say the shiur. Actually I am one of the backups for when the maggid shiur can (rarely) not make it, but it is rare that I say the shiur.

  4. Kol HaKavod to you. And the fact that you can't figure out why you should be honored tells a lot about why you should be honored!

  5. do any of your members want the DafNotes update? thanks


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