Nov 2, 2006

Kugel yerushalmi

This image (click on it to enlarge if you wish to read it in the original form) is a few weeks old, but I just saw it.... I will post a brief translation under the picture..

The sign calls upon the holy Jewish people to remove a stumbling block and not serve Kugel yerushalmi. The sign goes on and explains 5 problems with kugel yerushalmi that are the reasons for the ban.
1. the kugel is made from noodles that have the same shape as worms. Young children might get confused and actually eat worms thinking it is allowed.
2. Along with the kugel is generally served a pickle with pickle juice. The kugel is so hot it will inadvertantly "cook" the pickle juice, which is one of the 39 prohibitions on shabbos
3. The shape of the kugel has become similar to the shape of pizza (I guess because they cut the kugel into triangle shaped slices) which is the cause of many problems in the jewish house. (not sure what the problem with this is)
4. The noodles from which the kugel is made is made from flour. Flkour is known to be problematic and has been found to contain worms and if not sifted properly would be an aveirah to eat (actually 5 sins) (though bread would have the same problem)
5. The penetrating odor of the kugel wafts into the shul and can be a distraction during davening and cause people to lose focus on their prayers.
The sign is signed off by "Those who feel the pain of Yerushalayim, the Committee regarding Kugel yerushalmi"
It is obviously a joke poking fun at all the signs that go up around Jerusalem calling for bans of anything you can think of.
(HatTip: lizrael)


  1. Rafi:

    I love this. Remember the game telephone? Let's start our own version. We should come up with a chumra that may be ridiculous at first, but we can develop just enough of a halachic backing to make people think for a second. Just like this kugel one. then let's track it. tell people it's the latest that we heard and see what develops. It may not take. It may take quick. It may take months. what do you think? (I even have a good one I'm still developing and working thru. I don't want to give it away yet on the blog, but I'll e-mail you seperatley).

  2. It could lead to that, but that is exactly, I think, what it is poking fun it. The stupidity of making up these chumras... I wonder whether everybody reading it understood it to be poking fun at such things (Committee regarding Kugel Yerushalmi?? - come on!) or if some people took it seriously and stopped eating kugel yerushalmi on shabbos (or even during the week)?

  3. I agree - so let's come up with our own and see what people do. youhave a more knowledgable background - let's come up with a few.

  4. I hope this is a joke but it would not suprise me if it were true.

  5. hoho! i love this
    thanks mr rafi g
    and shaya g (u guys related?), hatzlacha on ur mischievous plan, i do hope it succeeds ;)

  6. we are brothers...I am the more handsome and smarter of the bunch

  7. ehh ill leave it to shaya to argue over that one
    shavua tov!

    (linked here)

  8. it's ok - he's right!


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