Nov 26, 2006


The owner of the company I work for gets a mazel tov. His daughter got engaged a few days ago. Last night they had the engagement party. Today he brought in the leftover cakes that had not been eaten at the party. They were a wide variety of very fancy cheesecakes.

What I want to know is if these were the cakes the guests did not eat, what were the cakes they did eat!?!


  1. Often fancy cakes aren't touched at all, leaving them all as leftovers.

  2. cheesecakes are always "touched". They must have been eating other cakes. The cakes that are not touched are the fancy cream cakes that are designed and look like wedding cakes... anyways, if you are right it is their loss!

  3. Perhaps Israelis are stupid, and don't realize what's good! :P


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