Nov 13, 2006

MK Gafni is a zionist?

Haaretz has an interview with MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) about his role in the Knesset and his stance on some issues regarding religion and the state.
It is a very enlightening interview. I particularly was interested in reading what he says in response to a question about whether UTJ can be considered a Zionist party, as I have written before about such issues in the haredi community.

Gafni responds, "I do not know the definition of a Zionist party or a Zionist. I am an Israeli. I was born in Israel. I love the country and I love to travel in it. I constantly pray for its safety. I am a patriot. I have almost never traveled abroad. Every time the prime minister talks about inviting all the Zionist parties to join the coalition, we are on the list."

He goes on to discuss many issues such as religious men in the army (he supports it supposedly for anybody who is not learning), Supreme Court, the Constitution, government, the gay parade, and more..

Well worth reading.

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