Nov 23, 2006

learnign during the break

I have used this platform a number of times to criticize the yeshiva community for their actions, methods, style, etc. Sometimes I did not do so intentionally but what I wrote led to comments containing such criticisms (often by my older brother Shaya, but not always).

That being the case, it is time to do something different. It is time to heap some praise on them.

Last night I was in Yerushalayim for a shiur on shechita/treifos. Our group met in a small beis medrash in the vicinity of the great Mir Yeshiva in Mea Shearim/Beis Yisroel.

We met at about 7:15 pm until almost 9:00 pm. These hours are not standard hours for a yeshiva to be in session. It is dinner time. Kollel men generally go home then for the night (maybe they learnin a night kollel maybe not). The yeshiva bachurim will have some time off for rest and dinner and come back to learn night seder later.

There was a great kol torah, sounds of torah, coming out from the windows of the Mir Yeshiva. there was no let up. While many boys left for their break, many stayed to learn a little longer giving up some of their break. Many ate dinner quickly and went right back to learn.

In the small beis medrash we met in, there were young men and kollel guys learning (during their break) with no let up, totally devoted and dedicated to the cause.

Kol hakavod!


  1. pppphhhhbbbbttttt!!!


    very nice though - that kol torah is what the yeshiva community should be and is about!

    love ya!

  2. Ah..the Mir...what a special place....what good memories it brings back.


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