Nov 17, 2006

Post of the day

This is a direct quote from a post to our local neighborhood email list.

"My husband mistakenly purchase adult diaper instead of baby diapers. I opened the package and pulled one out before realizing. They are free for the taking."

I am curious where her husband was shopping that he could purchase adult diapers by mistake when looking for baby diapers. I did not realize they sell them in the local supermarket. Or maybe that is what the size "super jumbo" really meant... (no offense intended to anybody who requires the use of adult diapers)

1 comment:

  1. I don't know where you are located, but in Jaffa i know a needy family. The husband & father broke his back about 2 years ago, and uses diapers.
    The family are EXTREMELY poor. (electricity cut off, no money for a new wheelchair that was stolen, no money for an "arvut" cheque at yad sara etc.)
    If the diapers' offer is still relevant, could you contact me by mail?


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