Nov 30, 2006

question for other Israeli bloggers

I am thinking about putting advertising on this blog. That way I would be able to earn a little money for the time spent writing here. Much of that money (if any money is actually made from advertising on my site) would go towards improving the usability of this blog and improving features.

The question I pose to you is what blog advertising service have you found to be the most beneficial and efficient? I ask this of Israeli bloggers because most of the issues I blog about are Israeli in nature and therefore Israeli bloggers would know how the relevant advertising works and earns more so than general and even jewish bloggers (the ad services usually pair ads with topics of posts).

However, I would appreciate feedback from all of you, my readers. Would advertisements hurt your reading experience? Think of other blogs you read and think about whether the ads on those sites bother you, help you (find products and sites you did not know about and need or find useful) or none of the above (e.g. indifferent, don't notice, etc.)

Also, one more thing - if anybody has recommendations for a specific blog advertising service that you feel is better than the others (better ads, gives the blogger more control, earns more money, etc) let me know your thoughts. As well, if you kno of one I should stay away from, let me know.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

You can either leave your suggestions in the comments, or email me directly at israeli.jew at gmail dot com


  1. I know I am not in Israel but I think it's a great idea. Try google adds if they have them for Israeli stuff.

  2. i personally don't like blogs of frum people that have ads with images that are not tznius/jewish

    b'hatzlacha. hope you get mega rich off of this ;)

  3. I tried JungleAds and another defunct service cause I wanted control over who could NOT advertise on my site(s) [I manage several]. I went back to Google about six months ago.

    I have one pro-Israel (Xian site)
    Views Clicks CTR CPM Earnings
    5,210 106 2.03% $3.09 $16.08

    In short - I need to generate 5,000 page views to solicit 100 click-throughs to earn $15.

    I find Jewish Content pages have a higher CTR than non-Jewish and pro-Israel depends on audience.

    Better yet, you can NOW book ads through Google on specific sites. This increases your earning for Click-Throughs to as much as 15 to 20 cents a click.

    You can increase your CTR by placement, but I try to be conserative and let the content determine the page look so I'm probably not earning as much as I can. Good luck!


  4. thanks for the input all of you.

    Everybody else - let me know what you think...


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