Nov 20, 2006

segregation in the cemetary

Rav Druckman, a leading Rav of the National Religious, has caused a stir. He is quoted as having said that Ashkenazim should request to be buried in Sefardic cemetaries. He says that the immigration from Russia has brought a high percentage of non-Jews to Israel and if one gets buried in an ashkenazic cemetary, he is at reasonable risk of being buried next to a non-Jew, which is considered no good in Jewish tradition.

It is ironic, because the sefardim have bene complaining for years that ashkenazim do not allow sefardic kids into ashkenazic schools and at best they let a few in with a quota. After all these years of Ashkenazi racism against Sefardim, suddenly they want to be buried next to Sefardim because their "Jewishness" is more pure and untainted.

Why would sefardim let ashkenazim in though? They might be at risk of letting non-Jews be buried amongst them!

What an irony? Ashkenazim won't let living sefardim into their schools but will clamor to be buried with them. Sefardim clamor to get into their schools but will not allow them to be buried with them!
I love it.


  1. Rafi, well, Hello.

    It's Linda Freedman here in Chutz. This is a wonderful blog.

    I'm hyper-linking you to mine, (lots of bloggers here do this to increase traffic for one another, plus the Jewish blogs are totatlly favorited.)

    Say hi to the fam and keep writing. It's fascinating.

  2. Hi Linda. Nice of you to stop in and comment. I linked back. Thanks.
    I should say hi to the fam? You live a block away and see them all the time!! you say hi for me!

  3. rafi:

    why oh why do you keep insisting on using logic and common sense around anything these people do? haven't you learned yet, "it's all about what we need"?

  4. B"H One good reason for Sephardim to allow Ashkinazim into their cemetaries would be to show the Ashkinazim their humility, and to be an example. If anyone has a legitmate complaint regarding their treatment in this country it's the Sephardim. Remember the Iraqim who live in tents, and the Temanim who were told they didn't need religioun anymore now that they're here in Eress Yisrael? Thank you secular, maskili Ashkinazim!

    Remember the secular Sephardim who still maintained a respect for Torah and tradition and rabbanim? Their numbers are going down, thanks to the increasing wannabe Ashkinizi mentality (gotta get that degree! Gotta work in HiTech!) which is prevasive in Tel-Aviv and the like.

    Good for the D"L rav who made this sugestion. Whether they/we want to admit it or not, the Datti Mamlachti education in this country is becoming more and more of an indoctrination into Israeli (Read: Western secular) society. B"H for the initialtive of private and semi-private Datti-Leumi-Torani schools which are combatting this.

    Back to the issue, there IS some good news for you: Sephardi enrollment has gone up in Ashkinazi schools. Personally, though, I'd rather see the opposite occur.

    Good news, though,


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