Nov 7, 2006

Quote of the day

No, it has nothing to do with the upcoming Gay Pride Parade, which is just about the only thing anybody in Israel is talking about right now...

"Kvish 10 is open to traffic. The only thing the police want to stress is that they feel the road is still unsafe to drive on and request that drivers please be very cautious and keep to the speed limit. "

This was a notice regarding disturbances (read: rioting) on a certain road in Bet Shemesh that has caused the road to be closed off by the police a number of times in the past few days. The police say they are doing all they can and only shut the road when they feel there is a danger to peoples safety. They remind the residents that the alternative road is open and available for use, so there is no pressing need to use the problematic road.

The funny part is that the police consider the alternate road unsafe so please keep to the speed limit. Does that mean on most roads we do not need to keep to the speed limit?


  1. I didn't know Israel even had speed limits. Or are the just advice, like red lights. So, maybe the ppolice are saying, hey now's the time to follow the advice we post on those signs....:)

  2. How else would people get into Zanoach without walking on the dirth paths near Sheinfeld? Last I knew, the only entrance to Zanoach was off of road 10 (kvish eser, to be authentic).


  4. shaya - not.

    social - I do

    tnspr - that is the only way. Even when the road was physically closed due to being unsafe, it was open for people gogin to zanoach, which made the closure fairly ineffective...


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