Nov 14, 2006

a great imagination

PM Olmert has a great imagination. Either that or he thinks the general populace is stupid and he can "spin" them with flashy, bombastic statements and ignore reality.

I just recieved a press release from the White House Press Secretary regarding the joint statement to the press made by President Bush and PM Olmert. In it Olmert praises Bush by saying, "we are very much impressed and encouraged by the stability which the great operation of America in Iraq brought to the Middle East".

I am not sure what stability he is referring to. Lebanon is collapsing, there has been a war/conflict between Lebanon and Israel, the PA is in tatters, Iraq is seeing tens of deaths a day from suicide bombs (aside from military related), Iran is on the brink of nuclear capabilities and has been threatening the US and Israel.

So I wish he would explain how the stability is manifested.

Another example is his war-mongering. Right before he left for his trip to the US, PM Olmert announced a "warning" to Iran in which he pretty much threatened Iran that Israel would "make Iran pay dearly if it continues the nuclear program" and "Iran must start to fear", and other similar statements.

I am not sure who he thinks he is kidding. Our army is reeling with resignations and investigations. Just last night Peres admitted to the press that Israel lost all its deterrence capabilities in the last war. We are supposedly preparing for the next war, yet the army is purging itself of all the current leadership and it will take time to train new leaders and prepare for future conflicts.

Is Ehud Olmert really in a position to threaten people? Does he think that Iran, Hezbollah and the PA do not read about the chaos happening within the Israeli army?

Or does he just think that if he makes a bombastic statement, his own people will be satisfied and think he is on top of things.

PM Olmert, the master of political spin.


  1. I concur with you Evan there seems to have been some unnecessary bloodletting at the higher echelons of IDF power, and this vacuum shall take time to fill.

    I can't agree with some of the decisions coming out of the review. It seems some rather worthy soldiers are falling on their swords for whose benefit?


  2. Yeah I was just talking about this with someone. It makes me physically ill. I can only take small increments of it. In fact, I could only read the first few paragraphs of this post.



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