Nov 29, 2006

Lebanon, Arabs and Israel part 7 (final video)

Brigitte Gabriel part 7 (FINAL)


  1. I think she is trying too hard to get her message through because of her screaming. What she says, is false and is another tatic being used by Israelies as they have done so with Iraq, and that is to prusuay the USA to attack Iran.
    Costing America another war, sending young ones on the battle field, and costing our country billions of dollars, and plus adding more enemies. Irans situation can be solved by diplomacy, I blame my country for failing to do that with Iraq, but we still have time with Iran. There is one thing we must understand and that is the jews are the betrayers of Christ, and the causers of all wars. It is enough my that my country sends that poor country 14 million dollars a day. They can go fight their own wars, and i believe they will always be unsuccessful as they have been in the past.

  2. *tactic (mistake)
    if you want to send me an your opinion do so

  3. the fact that we have a country at all means our fights and wars have not been unsuccessful (at least most of them)


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