Nov 8, 2006


I do not feel like writing much. The main thing going on here right now is the upcoming gay parade and the protests against it. I have written enough about it (though I have more to write if I was interested) and do not want to write any more about it right now.
I could write about the Haredim, but I have bashed them enough in the past for the same thing they are doing now. Enough other people are writing about their protests and I have nothing to add.

Please bear with me while I keep the blog quiet over the next couple of days. If something rankles me enough that I want to write about I will, so feel free to check in, but right now I just do not feel like writing.


  1. take it easy :)
    enjoy a break from the pressures of blogging!

  2. thanks. but it is not pressure... just do not feel like it right now. Sometimes one issue is so burning that you do not feel like writing about other things..

    I have a big juicy story but I am not sure if it is ready yet to be told... and some other things brewing. Unless I change my mind they will wait until next week...

  3. I understand about not wanting to write, plus, you need to save up your energy so you can come march with me tomorrow.

  4. that's funny!

    Don't worry - you are the first to read it. My blogation was short lived. I am already in the middle of a post. I have not finished it and hopefully will have time to later today...

    While I better understand your position now, I am still against the parade and specifically against it happening in Jerusalem.

    Also they are still talking about delaying the parade because of possible terror threats in retaliation for the shelling in Gaza yesterday, so it might not be tomorrow.

    If it is tomorrow, I am not sure how anyone will get there considering the roads will be blocked off all over the place by protests.

    If you can get there, how do you even get in? Do you just tell a cop that you are participating in the parade? How will they know someone is really participating and not just saying that to get in and start a fight?

  5. these are all things I've been wondering about, too. Plus, how are they gonna tell people what's going on? A lot might not think to check the news, etc. Also, there's been talk of just making it a stay-in-one-place protest and not a march.

    Yesterday I was totally up to date. Today, too much happens.


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