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Jan 7, 2008

achla admor

A friend of mine just told me this brief anecdote.

He was by a party of a Hassidic Admor the other day. The party was in honor of the Admor having completed renovations on his beis midrash (this is an admor of a small group of hassidim). I guess it was a "Chanukkas Ha'Bayis".

Anyways, this guy notices three men who seemed out of place. Their were some Hassidim there, there were some people from the neighborhood, and there were three kind of scruffy looking men. They were sefardi and looked like they might belong to the underworld (Israeli mafia) - this is his description, and neither I nor he mean anything derogatory toward anybody sefardi, but these three happened to look like they might belong to the mafia.

Anyways, he goes and sits next to them and chats. he asks them what they are doing there. They tell him where they are from and it turns out they had donated a lot of the money for the renovations. he asked what their connection is to the rebbe. their response was "Achla Admor!".

"Achla" is a slang word in Hebrew that means "Cool". So they were saying they sponsored the renovations for the rebbe because they thought he was "cool".

Achla Admor!


  1. But did they say why he was אחלה ?

  2. if they did, he did not tell me... I do not think they explained...
    it was a pretty funny story, thinking of a rebbe as "cool"

  3. I'm sure there is some cool story behind there, like this rebbe saved their life, or something like that.
    too bad he didn't find out. People aren't "cool" for no reason...

  4. there probably is some cool story, but I just asked hi if they told him why is is "achla admor" and he said they did not elaborate...


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