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Jan 29, 2008

The Windy Country

A lot right now is reminiscent of Chicago. Chicago is the Windy City. That title was bestowed upon Chicago for two reasons.

The first reason was the weather itself. The weather here is stormy, the wind is pounding, it has been raining, snow is due around most of the country imminently and in some places is already falling hard.

The second reason Chicago is known as the Windy City is because of its famously corrupt, or at least questionable, politics. These days are the stormiest politics Israel has ever known, with the release tomorrow of the Winograd Report. Everything, except the snow storm, is taking second stage right now to Olmert's corruption and to what the Winograd Commission will say about him tomorrow, and what the fallout will or will not be...

Life here is never boring!

1 comment:

  1. The wind is still blowing something fierce in Chicago - in every sense of the word!



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