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Jan 17, 2008

Ruby Rivlin must read my blog!

Last May, 8 months ago, I wrote a post suggesting that the residents of Sderot and the surrounding areas build/buy Kassam rockets, financed either by the government or by private donations, and shoot them into Gaza. Every time a rocket is shot into Israel, we should be shooting similar rockets back, right into civilian areas. They should feel what our citizens are feeling and maybe them suffering in a similar fashion will urge them to stop the rocket attacks.

Yesterday, MK Ruby Rivlin, who was recently a serious candidate for the slot of President of Israel, and before that was Speaker of the Knesset, wrote an op-ed piece for the NRG website, affiliated with the Maariv newspaper. In his op-ed piece Rivlin calls for a similar solution to the one I suggested 8 months ago, albeit in a slightly more humanitarian fashion.

Rivlin says Israel, considering the situation we have come to, should assist Gaza financially in building bomb shelters. Simultaneously, Israel should establish artillery and rocket units of similar strength and capacity to the Kassem and Grad rockets being shot from Gaza into Israel.

Then every time they shoot rockets at Israel, we should shoot rockets immediately, one for one, at Gaza. Let them feel what we feel, precisely.


  1. Why should we assist in building their bomb shelters?

  2. I don't think we should either, but I think his point, IIUC, is that they should be in the exact situation as the people of Sderot. In sderot they have bomb shelters, so in gaza they should too

  3. There we go. Then there can be no talk of "disproportionate response"

  4. u fucking zios go back to your countries and leave palestine for palestinians. ur fucking sderot is an illegal settlemants so as telaviv, afula, hadera...etc...
    more and more rockets will be falling on ur arrogant heads untill u thieves will pack and leave...

  5. ^^^^^^^
    Nothing like an elegant, articulate and informed commenter.

  6. thanks freedom fighter. you almost convinced me with your logic.


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